Cheapest Apartment Rent – Where In The US, What Cities

As the pandemic fades, rents in many cities, which had dropped, are starting to climb again.

In many places, they are now higher than they were previously.

However, if you travel outside of the major cities, you will find a plethora of inexpensive lodging places.

So, where in the United States can you find the cheapest rent?

As expected, the cheapest cities for renters are located away from beaches and metropolises, in suburbs and tucked-away enclaves, primarily in Southern and Midwestern states.

This report contains the following information:

Where in America can you find the cheapest rent?

The most affordable apartments in America may be found in these budget-friendly ‘burbs.

Only these ten cheap places to rent provide an average one-bedroom flat for less than $650, out of roughly 800 communities throughout the country with ten or more rental units.

The ten cheapest places to rent in America are shown below.

Ashland, Ohio

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $640.

Changes in rent during the last year: N/A

Ashland, located in a forested area midway between Cleveland and Columbus, appears unremarkable.

However, the city is one of three in Ohio among the ten cities with the cheapest rent in the US, with an average one-bedroom rent of $640.

With only 20,000 citizens, it is also the smallest city in the top ten.

The city offers a charming downtown along Main Street and Claremont Avenues.

Along the 10-block length, there are various restaurants, pubs, an escape room, and a brewery.

The majority of Ashland is made up of residential neighborhoods with single-family homes and apartment complexes.

While it is not as crowded as the other cities on this list, it has a charming appeal.

Country foodies will enjoy Buckeye Country Creamery, Grandpa’s Cheesebarn, and Sweeties Chocolates.

Do you require even more quaintness?

Bird walks are held at the wooded Byers Woods Park on a monthly basis.

Gulfport, Mississippi

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $637.

Rent has decreased by -0.78 percent in the last year.

If you want to live full-time in a resort city where people travel significant distances to visit, Gulfport is the cheapest place in America.

Gulfport, as its name suggests, is a major entertainment port on the Gulf of Mexico’s north side.

The second-largest city in Mississippi has the cheapest rent in the Southeast, with an average one-bedroom apartment costing only $640 per month.

Gulfport has rebuilt itself twice after Hurricane Camille in 1969 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The 80-year-old US Navy Atlantic Fleet Construction Battalion structure is one constant.

The Navy’s Seabees Atlantic construction fleet is based there.

All 12,000 military men and their families require affordable rental housing.

The gorgeous coastline, with seven miles of white sand beach, is what makes Gulfport so appealing.

Locals can easily access the tourist infrastructure.

The shore is lined with yacht docks, marinas, golf courses, seaside hotels, and seafood restaurants.

In between Gulfport and Biloxi, there are no fewer than ten casinos, including the huge Island View Casino in Gulfport that’s right on the beach!

Springfield, Missouri

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $625.

Rent has increased by 3.82 percent in the last year.

About half of the states in the union have a town named Springfield.

The one in Missouri is the largest of them all, with 170,000 residents.

Springfield, Missouri, is the third-largest city in the Show-Me State, with two enormous metropolises on either side.

However, rent is far less expensive than in Kansas City or St. Louis.

On average, a one-bedroom Springfield apartment rents for $625 per month.

Springfield is a modern city with Old West traditions.

One remarkable event in particular comes to mind. At the close of the Civil War, Wild Bill Hickok and a local gambler dueled in the city’s town square. They fired single bullets from a distance of 75 feet.

This was the first quick-draw pistol showdown in the West, and it would be immortalized in books and movies for decades. Park Central Square is where the shootout took place today.

Bars, cafés, and the History Museum on the Square now stand where Wild Bill famously dueled.

Missouri State and Drury Universities have campuses in Springfield.

Springfield is also known as the “Birthplace of Route 66.” Mother Road was named by highway officials at a conference in 1926.

The annual Birthplace of Route 66 Festival takes place in downtown.

Henderson, Kentucky

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $615. Rent has increased by 4.24 percent in the last year.

Do you know which city on the globe had the highest number of millionaires per capita a century ago?

Isn’t it New York? London? Havana? Detroit? Nope.

Henderson, Kentucky, was the city. The village in the Ohio Valley was the largest producer of “black tobacco” in the world.

Downtown, Henderson residents sat in the shadows of gigantic tobacco warehouses and stemmeries.

After World War One, British tariffs came into effect, and the boom times came to an end. However, the city evolved into a charming and pleasant suburban river town.

Henderson, Indiana is located just across the Ohio River from Evansville, Indiana.

Its population has increased since its peak, but there are far fewer millionaires now. It’s now a convenient and affordable bedroom community on the Wabash Valley’s south end.

An average one-bedroom apartment rents for about $615 per month. Despite a $25 per month rise from a year ago, Henderson remains in the top five.

This is the most significant increase among the top ten.

Henderson, although 270 miles north of Memphis, has a long history of traditional Deep South Memphis Blues culture.

“Father of the Blues” legend Henderson was home to W.C. Handy for over a decade. Handy met his wife while playing the blues all over the city. Henderson now holds the Handy Blues & Barbecue Festival every year.

The world’s greatest collection of Audubon memorabilia is also housed in the city. Another native son, John James Audubon, is honored in the John James Audubon State Park and Museum.

Youngstown, Ohio

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $615. Rent has decreased by -2.38 percent in the last year.

You can get to the center of Chicago by driving 400 miles west. You’ll find it in New York’s Times Square after traveling 400 miles east.

It is located 60 miles from both Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Youngstown, Ohio, is unquestionably the city of it all.

And, on average, one-bedroom apartments in that area rent for only $615 per month.

But it’s impossible to discuss Youngstown without mentioning athletics. Football, first and foremost.

Youngstown State’s Penguins are small-college aristocracy. In the 1990s, the program won four Division I-AA championships.

Many players and coaches from both the city and the university have gone pro.

The city’s Patricians won a pro title in the Ohio League a century ago, a forerunner to today’s NFL.

Given its position, this isn’t surprising. Youngstown, like its neighbors, was a thriving steel town until the 1970s, when the industry crashed.

The city has lost 65 percent of its population in the last 90 years and another 40 percent since the 1990s, from a peak of 170,000.

Youngstown has had to remake itself and retrace its steps. Financing start-ups gave the city’s economy a boost.

The city’s public incubator program has helped a slew of new enterprises get off the ground, many of them in the IT sector.

As the revival took hold, it spread throughout the city.

Today, the district is home to a variety of bars and restaurants (including some of the city’s most famous pizzas), as well as loft residences and entertainment alternatives.

In the last two decades, the modern Covelli Centre and Youngstown Foundation Amphitheater have joined renovated historic facilities, including Powers and Stambaugh auditoriums, and Butler Institute, the nation’s first museum dedicated completely to American art.

Killeen, Texas

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $595. Rent has decreased by -8.74 percent in the last year.

Over a period of 25 years, three terrible tragedies irrevocably defined Killeen’s image in the eyes of the rest of America.

But a strong civic will and a solid economy have given the city of over 150,000 a renewed image.

It’s that economy that has built a market where one-bedroom rents average less than $600 a month, the cheapest in the I-35 corridor and an 8.74 percent fall from 2020.

The loss of $57 per month is the greatest among the top ten.

Killeen’s lifeline is the 214,000-acre Fort Hood. “The free world’s largest military facility” Approximately 60,000 military and civilian personnel are stationed there. It is the region’s single largest employer.

In comparison, the second-largest employer, the local school district, employs 100 times fewer people.

The economy of the city is inextricably linked to the base. But it’s not all olive green and desert tan in Killeen.

Both Texas A & M Central Texas and Central Texas College are both located in the city. The planetarium at CTC’s Mayborn Science Theater is operational.

Veterans Boulevard, the city’s main thoroughfare, is lined with restaurants and businesses. Nearby, there are three huge parks.

At Community Center Park, bike trails, sporting grounds, and a dog run are all available. Conder Park has a skate park and a disc golf course.

Long Branch Park, Killeen’s largest park, has an outdoor pool and tennis facilities and is adjacent to some of the city’s most opulent apartment complexes.

Brownsville, Texas

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $585. Change in rent in the last year: 0.00%

Brownsville is a city in extreme South Texas on the Mexican border. Brownsville, located just across the Rio Grande from Matamoros, Mexico, is both a prototypical Texas city and a stark contrast.

It’s also the cheapest city in the South, with one-bedroom apartments starting at $585 a month.

The 200,000-strong city is located on the Rio Grande and is only 45 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico.

Brownsville, Texas, yet a world away, is eight hours from Dallas, six hours from Houston, and four hours from San Antonio. It is only 25 miles from South Padre Island’s spring break fun. It is actually so far south that it is to the north of Miami.

Nearly 90% of the metro’s population is Hispanic, with all but 3% of them being Mexican, and their culture is integral to the city’s style.

The annual Carro Days and Latin Jazz festivals both cross the river and are celebrated on both sides.

The Gateway International Bridge, which crosses the border into Texas, is just a short distance from downtown Brownsville.

Taquerias, tequila bars, and authentic tabernas are all near important Mexican craft businesses and cultural stores.

Elyria, Ohio

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $582. Rent has increased by 3.93 percent in the last year.

Cleveland, once known as the “Mistake on the Lake,” is today a hip, thriving city. Rent prices have also increased as a result of this.

Many people have moved to Elyria, Cleveland’s third-largest suburb, since it is cheaper. The 54,000-strong southwestern suburb has the cheapest rent in the Great Lakes, at $582 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.

Elyria, the county seat of suburban Lorain County, is a former industrial town that has reinvented itself as a self-sufficient bedroom community.

In recent years, large businesses such as 3M and Bendix have closed their manufacturing operations, forcing new directions.

A voter-approved 0.5 percent income tax hike in 2016 prompted the restoration of parks, fiber optics, and major street walkability throughout the business areas.

The area surrounding Midway Mall, the region’s major shopping mall, received a lot of attention.

Elyria’s downtown is located south of the Mall district. The downtown is shaped like a heart and stands in an oxbow produced by the Black River’s many bends.

Broad Street, a pedestrian-friendly thoroughfare in the heart of downtown, transforms into a welcoming residential neighborhood on the river’s far side.

The wooded communities near Elywood Park, north of downtown, are lined with single-family residences.

A number of street-front blocks of apartment buildings and complexes surround Eastern and Central Heights.

Terre Haute, Indiana

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $557. Rent has increased by 3.15 percent in the last year.

Terre Haute, Indiana State University’s home campus, is approximately 75 minutes from downtown Indianapolis.

However, the Illinois state line is only five miles away from the border city.

If you want to live in a one-bedroom apartment for less than $560 a month, it’s the best place to live in the Midwest.

The term Terre Haute was given to the region by 18th-century Canadian fur traders who named it after the French word for “highland.”

The “Queen City of the Wabash,” despite its small population of 60,000, is a regional cultural and performing arts center.

The Swope Art Museum, the University Art Gallery, the Terre Haute Children’s Museum, and the historic Indiana Theater are all part of the famed Terre Haute Arts Corridor.

The “Crossroads of America,” near 7th and Wabash, has seen revitalization during the last decade.

Several new downtown buildings for ISU have been constructed, as well as an expansion around the Hulman & Company building.

In addition, in 2023, the $25 million Terre Haute Convention Center will host its first convention.

There will be no fewer than four new casinos in the Vigo County area. That, my friends, is Terre Haute Couture.

Lawton, Oklahoma

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $550. Change in rent in the last year: 1.85%

The Frontier Region city of Lawton is about halfway between Oklahoma City and the Texas border. It is Oklahoma’s sixth largest city, with roughly 100,000 citizens.

Lawton is located immediately west of the Chickasaw Nation, on old Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache reservation territory.

The cheapest rent in America is $550 per year in the Sooner State city.

Lawton is a crucial military town as well as a significant Native American city. Fort Sill, which covers 100,000 acres, is the city’s main employment. The enormous base is located on the outskirts of town.

Only four Army Basic Combat Training centers exist in the United States, and the 150-year-old complex is one of them. There are more than 20,000 military troops and 33,000 family members who live here.

For individuals who are not housed on base, the city provides exceptionally low-cost accommodation all across town. Unlike most towns, Lawton does not have a conventional town square or main street.

The city’s core is built around the Central Mall, which has been there for half a century. The shopping mall was built in the middle of downtown to make people want to go to the Central Business District.

However, from the mall north to Elmore Thomas Park, subsequent construction has concentrated on more pleasant and pedestrian-friendly blocks.

The Museum of the Great Plains and the Comanche National Museum are both located in the park, which is one of Lawton’s 80 city-run parks.

Cities With Low-Cost Apartments To Rent In The US

If these ten cities don’t appeal to you, there are lots of other affordable cities in America with the lowest rents.

Here are the rest of the top 100 cheapest places to rent, all of which cost less than $900 per month.

Average Rent for a One-Bedroom Apartment

Lawton, Oklahoma – $550

Terre Haute, Indiana $557

Elyria, OH 3 $582

Brownsville, TX – $585

Killeen, TX – $595

Youngstown, Ohio – $615

Henderson, Kentucky – $615

Springfield, Missouri – $625

Gulfport, Mississippi – $637

Ashland, OH – $640

Fayetteville, AR – $640

Conway, AR – $660

Johnson City, Tennessee – $662

Midwest City, Oklahoma – $666

Medina, OH – $672

Euclid, OH – $678

Toledo, OH – $679

Flint, Michigan – $684.

Gary, Indiana – $685

Biloxi, MS – $690

Lubbock, TX – $698

Sylvania, OH – $699

Wichita, Kansas – $702

St. Cloud, Minnesota – $704

Bryan, TX – $705

Bedford, OH – $713

Williamsport, Pennsylvania – $715

Bethalto, Illinois – $725

Tulsa, Oklahoma – $732

Topeka, Kansas – $732

Jeffersonville, IN – $734

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – $735

Derby, Kansas – $735

Fairborn, Ohio – $737

Montgomery, Alabama – $741

Evansville, IN – $742

Racine, Wisconsin – $745

Cuyahoga Falls, OH – $747

Akron, OH – $749

Waco, TX – $750

Little Rock, Arkansas – $753

Dickinson, North Dakota – $754

Warner Robins, Georgia – $755

Fargo, North Dakota – $757

Phenix City, AL – $757

Norman, Oklahoma – $757

Moorhead, Minnesota – $762

Lawrence, Kansas – $769

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – $770

Roanoke, Virginia – $774

Las Cruces, New Mexico – $775

Ellington, Connecticut – $780

Columbus, GA – $787

High Point, North Carolina – $789

Tuscaloosa, AL – $792

Edmond, Oklahoma – $795

Williston, North Dakota – $795

McAllen, TX – $797

Warren, Michigan – $798

Wichita Falls, TX – $799

Corvallis, OR – $800

La Porte, TX – $809

Bentonville, AR – $810

Liverpool, New York – $810

Canton, OH – $820

Watford City, North Dakota – $825

Loveland, OH – $825

Lynchburg, Virginia – $825

Ames, Iowa – $825

Baytown, TX – $827

West Lafayette, IN – $839

Greensboro, North Carolina – $839

Bismarck, North Dakota – $840

Lansing, Michigan – $844

Pasadena, TX – $847

Grand Forks, North Dakota – $847

Webster, TX – $852

Huntsville, AL – $855

Valparaiso, IN – $857

Beaumont, TX – $857

Minot, North Dakota – $860

Fargo, North Dakota – $860

Hattiesburg, MS – $864

Kokomo, IN – $864

Syracuse, NY – $865

Victoria, TX – $865

Sioux City, Iowa – $385

Corpus Christi, TX – $865

Ypsilanti, Michigan – $865

Lafayette, IN – $874

Ocala, Florida – $879

Jackson, MS – $880

Gretna, LA – $880

Madison Heights, MI – $882

Mandan, North Dakota – $885

Huntsville, TX – $887

El Paso, TX – $887

Champaign, IL – $887

Portland, TX – $888

Amarillo, TX – $889

How To Find a Cheap Apartment?

Not everyone can afford to live in one of America’s cheapest rent cities.

So, how can you keep your lease prices down while looking for a new house, whether it’s in a new place or somewhere else in your existing area?

Here are a few simple pointers to rent you find a low-cost rental.

Prioritize your needs.

We all have a wish list of features and facilities that we are looking for in an apartment.

A dishwasher, an in-suite washer and dryer, closeness to a train station, pet-friendly, private, near eateries, or a first-floor location are common examples.

Decide which of your desired characteristics are most important and which ones you can live without if you want to save money.

When you have fewer must-haves on your list, you’ll have more possibilities for a low-cost lease.

Be open to the possibility of relocating to a smaller apartment.

Some one-bedroom flats are still rather large, while others are quite modest.

Consider how much time you spend at home versus at work or out on the town, and a smaller apartment may be a better fit.

You can lower the leasing price if you can give up some of that square footage.

In an apartment, it’s wonderful to have a lot of space to spread out, but it’s also nice to have more money to spread out your wallet.

Be willing to explore new areas.

Sure, living in the heart of the city, near the clubs, cafés, and hotspots, is fantastic.

However, if you’re on a tight budget and looking for a more modest apartment, you may choose to forego some of the comfort.

The cost of living in downtown areas and trendy gentrified districts is usually higher.

Instead, look for a more residential neighborhood in your city or a low-income section of town that is slated for reconstruction in the future.

Alternatively, even if you work and play in the city, discover a handy affordable suburb with public transit to live in.

Be willing to go to different cities.

Consider moving to a different city if your employment is movable to any city or if you work from home.

Everyone wants to live in New York or Los Angeles, but for a lot less money, you can find great nightlife, sports, and entertainment in towns like Indianapolis, Memphis, or Denver.

Make a deal

Just because an apartment is listed at a certain price doesn’t imply you have to pay that price.

Meet with the landlord to see if you can work out a lower price.

Respect each other and be open to compromise.

Bring two prices: the one you’ll start with and the one you’ll be willing to pay.

Bring letters of recommendation and evidence that you’d be a good renter.

Also, remember that if you can’t get your price, it’s fine to walk away.

Look for government assistance.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development offers a variety of subsidies and grants to low-income tenants who are having problems paying their rent.

To determine if you qualify, go to the HUD website.